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ya Allah ya tuhanku... jadikanlah aku anak yang solehah,pelajar yang solehah, muslimah yang solehah,mukminah yang solehah, mujahidah yang solehah,isteri yang solehah, ibu yang solehah,dan jadikanlah aku salah satu bidadari di syurgamu ya Allah....

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Sunday, 12 May 2013


hello ~ good evening ;) have a nice day . hee :) 

Dear mummy , thank you because for the love you have given me . from the first day i came into this world , your gentle hands were there to hold me . shelter and cradle me with kindness . as i grew , you kept me from harm , warm from the cold and shielded from the pain of hunger . you taught to me say the words ' mama ' , ' dada ' and much to your regret ' NO ' . you helped me take that first timid step , and squeal with joy at the sight of silliness and fuzzy animals . as i grew from baby to child , you stayed storng by my side . kissing away boo boos , and wiping away tears . you guard it well . you educate the religion and love to me .. and you give me money .. you care when me sick and everything ~ you make me happy at the world .. thanks to my beloved mummy .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ~ ;)

my mummy and daddy ~ i love them ;) awww ..

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